Saturday, December 31, 2016

list of product review sites in USA

List of product review sites in USA


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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Check the product reviews before purchasing decisions

Check the product reviews before purchasing decisions. Purchase new product before see their product rate & reviews. If any product manufacturers said, the necessary changes having been made then you can buy. If you would like to get consumers to purchase your product or services, you need to know how consumers make business to business i.e. B2B purchasing decisions. Consumers make purchasing decision to get perfect and quality products or services.

Products or services quality and seller reputation are big matter for new product selling and marketing to the consumer door to door. What about when the product matches the consumers requirements and needs, and they faith the sellers or service provider? Google play store, product reviews sites , amazon store, ebay, or product review for companies or any other e-commerce, offline or online superstore. What are the things that pressure buying decision once those basics are in place?

Here are the few things you should be familiar with about buying decisions.
Product seller or manufactures reputation, product quality, customer feedback & reviews are mandatory before purchasing decisions always. Online purchase starts with an Amazon, yahoo, bing or Google search or any other source. Always check your target products or services on search engines before make purchasing decision to buy product or services and also check previous positive reviews matter to handle the next step. Do any social media have an impact on purchasing decisions so that check product consumers rate and recommendation. If you see the positive reviews, you can decide to purchase that product or services. You will be looser if you do not check product reviews and take emotional decisions.Do not take any purchasing decisions without proper guidelines from the product users rating & reviews.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations for being elected US President Donald Trump

Congratulations for being newly elected US President Donald Trump.

Mr. Donald Trump will be a famous leader of the United States of America for the next 4 years to serve the US nations.

2016 US election results status:

Donald Trump won the presidency.
Michigan (MI) 16 electoral votes


Electoral votes are given below:

Donald Trump got 290 electoral votes and his total 61,917,320 Popular Votes.

Hillary Clinton got 232 
electoral votes and her total 63,515,588 Popular Votes.

***270 of 538 electoral votes needed to win.

US state wise electoral votes:

Alabama (AL)
9 electoral votes

Alaska (AK)
3 electoral votes

Arizona (AZ)
11 electoral votes

Arkansas (AR)
6 electoral votes

California (CA)
55 electoral votes

Colorado (CO)
9 electoral votes

Connecticut (CT)
7 electoral votes

Delaware (DE)
3 electoral votes

Florida (FL)
29 electoral votes

Georgia (GA)
16 electoral votes

Hawaii (HI)
4 electoral votes

Idaho (ID)
4 electoral votes

Illinois (IL)
20 electoral votes

Indiana (IN)
11 electoral votes

Iowa (IA)
6 electoral votes

Kansas (KS)
6 electoral votes

Kentucky (KY)
8 electoral votes

Louisiana (LA)
8 electoral votes

Maine (ME)
4 electoral votes

Maryland (MD)
10 electoral votes

Massachuetts (MA)
11 electoral votes

Michigan (MI)
16 electoral votes

Minnesota (MN)
10 electoral votes

Mississippi (MS)
6 electoral votes

Missouri (MO)
10 electoral votes

Montana (MT)
3 electoral votes

Nebraska (NE)
5 electoral votes

Nevada (NV)
6 electoral votes

New Hampshire (NH)
4 electoral votes

New Jersey (NJ)
14 electoral votes

New Mexico (NM)
5 electoral votes

New York (NY)
29 electoral votes

North Carolina (NC)
15 electoral votes

North Dakota (ND)
3 electoral votes

Ohio (OH)
18 electoral votes

Oklahoma (OK)
7 electoral votes

Oregon (OR)
7 electoral votes

Pennsylvania (PA)
20 electoral votes

Rhode Island (RI)
4 electoral votes

South Carolina (SC)
9 electoral votes

South Dakota (SD)
3 electoral votes

Tennessee (TN)
11 electoral votes

Texas (TX)
38 electoral votes

Utah (UT)
6 electoral votes

Vermont (VT)
3 electoral votes

Virginia (VA)
13 electoral votes

Washington (WA)
12 electoral votes

Washington DC (DC)
3 electoral votes

West Virginia (WV)
5 electoral votes

Wisconsin (WI)
10 electoral votes

Wyoming (WY)

3 electoral votes

Total 538 electoral votes.

Best wishes for Donald Trump and his family.

Welcome to White House!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to write a product review

How to write a product review?
A product review is a recommendation rate and feedback from consumers who already used those products. It is very necessary for the new products buyer to see the review.

Clients or Consumers are the heart of shopping mall or service or business center. Old customers use the products and them given their opinion on the product review websites so that other clients can see the feedback from old customers. 

Clients can give positive rating or negative rating what they like most. If they get best quality products then they give good or positive rate and feedback but they found poor quality or bad products then they give negative rate and feedback for those products. Sample of reviews is given below:

Now we are discussing about how to write a product review on the online shopping related products review websites. Give your personal opinion after using the products or services. Always give your accurate feedback and rate on the product review website so that other customer can see it and purchase it without any doubt. You can give positive or negative review for the product basis.

If the product quality, price and other details are best then give you positive feedback otherwise give negative feedback for that products. Do not give any fake reviews for the products or services on the product reviews websites. Please remember that your recommendation is very important for seller or buyer if the product quality is good and bad so that other customers can decide to buy the products or not.

Another post for Product Reviews are as follows:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Product Reviews for companies

Product reviews for companies is a modern technique for product manufacturers, sellers, distributors, whole seller, retailer to sell the product randomly to their consumers. It is very necessary to advertise any product details via print media or electronic media.

Now-a-days it is very important to reach the consumers door to door, computer to computer and online media to reach all of the customers to sell the product.

If sellers want to reach their consumer then they need to collect products feedback and reviews from their old customers who already used that product.

Companies always think to give the best product to their customers so that consumers can easily buy those products.

Now-a-days social media i.e. facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube videos are the best way to collect customer’s feedback for any products.

Majority percent customer wants to check product details from users so that they can purchase it without any problem.

Customers satisfaction is mandatory for the product manufacturers to product their next for marketing purpose.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Top 100 product reviews sites in the world

Top 100 products reviews sites in the world.  
Product review sites are the recommendation site or user discussion sites of any product before purchase by their consumer from the online shopping sites. 

It is very useful for product consumers and product sellers. If anyone used any product then they can brief the products quality to the public places like product reviews sites for other consumer so that they decide to purchase or not.

Products reviews are very important for buyer or purchaser who wish to purchase any unknown products from any e-shopping. 

Sellers old customers can give feedback and rate after used the products for new customers or consumers regarding products quality, price and other details.

Some best product review sites are available in the web world. Best 100+ products reviews sites are as follows:

Reviews of Phone, Computer, Electronics:

Amazon product reviews:

Product Reviews to buy a new gadget:

Reviews of Cell Phones, TVs, Cameras, and More.

Consumer Reports: Product Reviews and Ratings:

Reviews of Products, Services in Australia:

Local Business Directory for Australian Businesses:

Product Reviews and Reports

Latest Technology News and Reviews

Expert reviews on Electronics, Cars, Books

Consumer reviews on Movies, Cars, Bikes, Mobile

Wired Reviews for Phones, Camaras, Computers, Tablets, Headphones

Buzzillions consumer reviews from Viewpoints

ReviewCentre reviews for products & services laptops, hotels & cars

What is Product Review

What is Product Review?

Since we are passing our time on internet and this the digital era that's why we prefer to search on website to look best quality product to use or consume in our daily life or business purpose.

Some peoples are passing their whole time by analog system and some peoples are passing their time by digital system and now this digital era. 

Once upon a time consumers don’t know what is product review and why consumer done it? Now, everybody has known about products reviews to decide before purchase any products from shopping times. Please see an example of product reviews below:

If we decide to use or consume any product then we need to justify product quality, user guidelines, popularity, review, consumer recommendation, and quality of the product. Peoples are always choosing to purchase quality products shopping sites. Consumer always thinks before purchase and use.

Best quality products are going to reach their target clients without any hesitation. Then no need to publicity or marketing in the world.

In f-commerce, e-commerce, m-commerce all are electronic commerce used for product reviews on online shopping to give clients an opportunity to feedback on products they have purchased that's why another clients can read the reviews to decide for purchase products.